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How Can I Support Live Jazz Music?

The first step was coming here! I created this site to turn the spotlight on some of the finest contemporary jazz musicians out there. Hopefully, you’ve found some new music you love that you want to support. Here’s how you can do it:


1. Attend Shows!

Somehow we always find ways to avoid hearing live music, even though that’s the way it’s meant to be heard! It’s the best way to support an artist, and the audience lets the performer know that they’re appreciated. And it goes without saying, you get the pleasure of being part of a spontaneous creative event.


2. Spread the Word

Share this website. Share the websites, Youtube videos, and Soundcloud accounts of your favorite artists. Talk about music. Play CDs for your friends. People love talking about and discovering new music, and it’s a tangible way to build up the artists you enjoy.


3. Buy CDs

With the prominence of Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify, it’s easy to hear the songs you love anytime…but, it’s also easy to forget the artistry involved in releasing an album’s worth of music. You don’t read just your favorite chapters of a book, so why should you listen to music that way?


4. Connect With the Band

Subscribe to the newsletter, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, but put an occasional eye out for the band’s happenings. Social media has made the world a smaller place. Use that to stay on top of what your favorite artists are up to.

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