Steve Giordano

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Steve Giordano’s approach to jazz is strictly his own, incorporating standards, originals and unique instrumentations to his arrangements. His playing is top-rate, his band is world class and his aesthetic shines through in everything he plays.

Steve Giordano


Timeline cover

Steve Giordano’s Spacetet


Dreambox Media, 2008.

Timeline’s sense of wide-open space, arresting percussive timbres and understated aesthetic urge the listener to simply enjoy the ride.


Timeline consists of five original compositions by Giordano with three jazz standards. Giordano’s compositions and selection of jazz tunes reflect a laidback aesthetic. The quintet follows intricate arrangements. They are always aware of timbre, tone and texture. The attention to detail astounds. The music is rich in subtleties.

Why You Should Listen:

Steve Giordano is a unique voice in contemporary jazz guitar. The musical atmosphere creates a free exchange between the players. Giordano’s guitar playing complements alto sax player Peter Cobb and trumpeter Bob Meashey splendidly. Nothing is forced. The restraint the players exercise results in extreme musicality.


What Sets Timeline Apart:

* unique approach to texture and arranging

* use of instrumental tone and timbre

* restrained instrumental mastery

* nobody else sounds like the Spacetet


What to Listen For:

Freddie Hubbard’s “Intrepid Fox” is one of the more driving tunes on the album. Giordano’s guitar playing juxtaposes sustained chords, fast comping, and trills behind solos by Cobb and Meashey.

“Stella by Starlight” builds from a solo guitar to the full band. The texture thickens as each instrumental part becomes more involved. Mosemann’s utilization of the timbral possibilities of the drum set is notable.

Latin-style tunes suit Giordano’s guitar and Mosemann’s percussion playing well. “Fantasia” is a mid-tempo bossa. The theme in the horns is mellow and memorable. “Villino Anna,” a 6/4 samba, is the best performance on the album. It evolves into an upbeat Latin theme with some of the best soloing on the album.


Tracks: Delores Street; Riverflow; Intrepid Fox; Summer Waltz; Fantasia; Stella by Starlight; With Love; Villino Anna.

Personnel: Steve Giordano: electric and nylon guitar and piano; Peter Cobb: alto sax; Brian Howell: acoustic bass; Bob Meashey: trumpet and flugelhorn; John Mosemann: drums and percussion.

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