Jazz Resources

There are many fantastic jazz resources out there, but here are three websites well worth a visit:

All About Jazz

All About Jazz is an extensive and comprehensive database that could easily be called “Everything About Jazz.” Jazz news, musician profiles, interviews, album and DVD reviews, concert reviews, book reviews, record label profiles, humor and free mp3 downloads are some of the things you’ll find. Spend some time there and I’m sure you’ll find more than a few items I neglected to mention.

Jazz Near You

Jazz Near You is an extensive jazz listings website integrated with the All About Jazz content. Upcoming events are searchable by city, and can be further narrowed by artist and venue. Jazz Near You provides all of the necessary information, including links to purchase tickets online.

A Passion For Jazz

A Passion For Jazz is ideal for anyone looking to learn about jazz. Instructional articles are included in the site for those learning to play jazz. Educational materials such as jazz play-alongs, theory books and real books are all linked to for students looking to build a library of jazz resources. The “Jazz History” section contains both informative and humorous articles, and is a great way to spend some downtime.

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