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Fabrizio Sotti is not only an acclaimed jazz guitarist, but is also a major figure in the production business. His music inhabits a number of niches, from straight ahead jazz to pop to R&B, with any number of pop/jazz fusion combinations.

Fabrizio Sotti



Right Now cover

Fabrizio Sotti

Right Now

Sotti Records, 2013.


Right Now combines Sotti’s varied musical interests, experiences and friendships into a unique jazz-pop fusion album.


Not a typical jazz project, Right Now offers jazz-flavored interpretations of songs from the pop music repertoire. The core group consists of Sotti on guitar, bassist Tony Grey and drummer/percussionist Mino Cinelu. Guest vocalists from the pop and hip-hop worlds join on nine of the 12 tracks. Six tunes are originals, including three instrumentals.


Why You Should Listen:

Right Now is a unique take on popular music and jazz. Most of the selection comes from pop favorites. Sotti puts a jazz stamp on each tune with his arrangements and improvisational style. Guest artists include Isabella Lundgren, Melanie Fiona, Shaggy, Zucchero, Ice T, Melanie Fiona and others.


What Sets Right Now apart:

*jazz guitar trio format with rock, reggae and pop hits

*major guest vocalists from pop, R&B and hip-hop genres

*acoustic, nylon and electric guitars; electric bass; hand percussion

*pop, hip-hop, flamenco and Latin jazz influences


What to Listen For:

U2’s “One” features the striking voice of Isabella Lundgren. The accompaniment features hand percussion and an R&B bass line to support the vocals. Sotti’s guitar exclamations float through the texture.

Pink Floyd’s classic “The Wall” is subject to a complete reimagining. The trio plays a hip-hop beat behind the lyrical poetry of Ice T and M1. Grey’s funky bass playing, Cinelu’s solid percussion and Sotti’s soloing constitute the background for the updated, but still defiant, lyrics.

The Sotti-Cinelu composition “Paradis” is a highlight, featuring Cinelu’s voice and percussive prowess. The format is heavy on shakers and hand percussion. Sotti’s playing is reminiscent of Tommy Emmanuel. Some of Sotti’s most inspired soloing is on this track.

A strong flamenco and Mediterranean influence is heard on “Prancing Horse.” “While the Sun Is Rising” is a classical-inspired piece for solo guitar and “Once in a Blue Moon” aches of the blues.


Tracks: One; Waiting in Vain; Paradis; Someone Else’s Tears; The Wind Cries Mary; While the Sun is Rising; Prancing Horse; Fidjo Maguado; Fall with Me; Once in a Blue Moon; Right Now; The Wall (digital only).

Personnel: Fabrizio Sotti: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, nylon string guitar; Isabella Lundgren: vocals (1 & 11); Tony Grey: bass; Mino Cinelu: drums, percussion, vocals; Shaggy: vocals (2); Res: vocals (2); Zucchero: vocals (4); Ice T: vocals (5); M1: vocals (5); Melanie Fiona: vocals (6); Claudia Acunia: vocals (9); Algebra Blessett: vocals (10).

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