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The Daniel Bennett Group draw on a variety of influences, from folk to indie music to jazz, in crafting their unique and uplifting sound. They are true originals and their art can be appreciated on all levels.

daniel bennett group


clockhead goes to camp

The Daniel Bennett Group

Clockhead Goes to Camp

Manhattan Daylight Media Group, 2013.

Clockhead Goes to Camp is refreshing  for its originality, positivity and apparent simplicity.

Of 13 original tracks, most are between two and four minutes long. The concise and understated nature of the tunes stands out. Not a typical jazz album, Clockhead Goes to Camp could easily be filed under any number of categories in the record store. Its power resides in a fundamental ease, diversity and affect of peace and tranquility.


Why You Should Listen:

Bennett’s compositions are catchy and memorable. His sax and clarinet playing are soulful and melodic. Mark Cocheo’s folk inspired guitar lends an element of indie music to the jazz feel. The players are sensitive to the overall dynamic. They sound like they’re having fun, making it a joy to listen to.


What Sets Clockhead Goes to Camp Apart:

* short, memorable, catchy tunes

* restrained, tasteful solos

* indie and folk influenced guitar and hand percussion

* unpretentious, positive, fun to listen to


What to Listen For:

“An Elephant Buys a Car” has the kind of catchy melody and clever turns of phrase that define the album. An extended percussion break and non-instrumental sounds highlight the timbral subtleties of the ensemble’s instrumentation and aesthetic sensibilities.

“Nine Piglets” is a flute-driven piece in cut-time. The melody simply floats from theme to theme. The solos border on flamboyance. However, the players use just enough restraint to maintain the laid-back vibe.

“John Lizard and Mr. Pug” is a lilting 6/8 tune, with a poignant clarinet melody. “Dr. Duck’s Beautiful New Kitchen” features guitar strumming more associated with folk or indie music than jazz. “Sandpaper is Necessary” is an unaccompanied display of Bennett’s sax playing.

The album concludes with “Ten Piglets.” It begins with a beautiful, chorus soaked iteration of the melody. It gradually turns into a contrapuntal meditation, summing up the experience in one fleeting thought.


Tracks: The Old Muskrat Welcomes Us; An Elephant Buys a New Car; Nine Piglets; Dr. Duck’s Beautiful New Kitchen; Clockhead Goes to Camp; Whatever It Might Be; Last Summer at Camp Creepy: Paint the Fence; Sandpaper is Necessary; John Lizard and Mr. Pug; Cabin 12 Escapes Into the Night; Patience; Ten Piglets.

Personnel: Daniel Bennett: alto saxophone, flute, clarinet; Mark Cocheo: guitar; Peter Brendler: bass; Tyson Stubelek: drums.

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