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Chuck Anderson is an internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist and composer. A fixture on the Philadephia jazz scene, Chuck and his trio continue to astound audiences with their musicianship, taste and musicality.




Night Hawk Cover

The Chuck Anderson Trio

Night Hawk

Dreambox Media, 2013.


Night Hawk displays the Chuck Anderson Trio’s trademark virtuosity, musicality and originality.


Night Hawk features six original tunes and six jazz standards. Selections are based on the trio’s concert format. The tight arrangements and communicative improvisations exemplify the art of the guitar trio. Recorded live on stage, it captures the energy and inspiration typical of the band’s live performances.

Why You Should Listen:

Chuck Anderson is an unparalleled talent on the jazz guitar and a formidable composer. Bassist Eric Schreiber and drummer Ed Rick are outstanding musicians in their own right. Their playing inspires as they provide the background for Anderson’s pyrotechnics.


What Sets Night Hawk Apart:

* bold originals and jazz standards

* virtuosic guitar, bass and drum work

* blues, bossa, samba, swing and ballad styles

* live recording, no overdubs or studio fixes


What to Listen For:

“Matchsticks” is built on a grooving guitar theme. It opens the album with attitude. The guitar and bass solos are tasteful navigations of the harmonies.

“God Bless the Child” (originally by Billie Holiday) is poignant and affecting. The classic ballad receives a blues-inflected rendition here. Anderson’s playing shows a remarkable restraint and a divine sense of phrasing.

The up tempo bossa “Manha De Carnaval” (aka “Black Orpheus) and “Jamey’s House of Samba” bring a Latin tinge to the album. The latter deserves mention for its catchy theme and excellent composition. In performance, the percussion work and dynamic bass playing bring the tune emphatically to life.

The Miles Davis classic “Milestones” closes the album. Anderson’s solos and comping are inspired and impressive, as expected. However, Schreiber’s frenetic bass lines and Rick’s drum solo steal the limelight this time.


Tracks: Matchsticks; All Blues; Manha De Carnaval; God Bless the Child; Eiffel Tower; Trade Winds; Night Hawk; Full House; Jamey’s House of Samba; Moanin’; Wind Mist; Milestones.

Personnel: Chuck Anderson: guitar; Eric Schreiber: bass; Ed Rick: drums.

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  • lambchop lambchop says:

    My son introduced me to Chuck’s music, and I had the opportunity to see him perform at the New Hope Winery in 2009. It was a fantastic concert, and I can highly recommend his CD’s and live shows. Enjoy!

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